Our Treatments

Antenatal Care

Antenatal Care- Antenatal care means care of mother and child during the pregnancy period, a doctor or gynecologist give some advice to the pregnant woman so that it reduces the complication of pregnancy and some more healthy advice to protect a mother and child health. When a woman pregnant then she needs extra care and a gynecologist doctor do care and prevent mother and child from all the consequences occur in pregnancy time and regular checkup and medication will do improve the health of mother and child.

High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy- High-risk pregnancy occur when a woman suffers from some kind of disease like HIV+, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, teenage pregnancy, weak womb and mental stress can build high-risk pregnancy and in this situation a gynecologist doctor treat a pregnant woman with some medicine and some physical exercise advice give by doctor to pregnant woman and sometimes high-risk pregnancy also affect the health of mother and child and even it show at time of high-risk pregnancy a mother can be suffer from heart disease and doctor need to attempt cesarean delivery.

Normal and painless and Cesarean Delivery

Normal, painless and cesarean delivery- Normal delivery mean when a woman delivery a baby after 42 weeks and in this period of time everything going to be normal and some medication and some normal advice from gynecologist can help to pregnant woman to deliver baby from normal procedure.
Painless delivery- A pregnant woman suffer from a lot pain during the delivery time and she feel pain up to 20 bone break in single time and this pain cannot sufferance to all the pregnant woman and they want painless delivery method in this a gynecologist doctor give epidural anesthesia at delivery time so that woman cannot suffer from delivery pain and delivery baby from painless delivery method.
Cesarean delivery- Cesarean delivery mean C-section delivery method when a woman cannot deliver a baby from normal procedure and then doctor perform surgery base delivery method to deliver baby this procedure follow by gynecologist doctor when mother and child health in risk.

Gynaecological Disorders and Laparoscopic Hysteroscopic Management

Gynecological Disorders and Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopy Management- Gynecological disorders mean a woman can suffer from many type of disease and they might need gynecologist doctor support and advice to prevent such type of disease like, PCOS, High risk pregnancy, Weak Womb, Family planning, and other internal disease.
Laparoscopic and hysteroscopy mean when a gynecologist doctor performs cesarean delivery she used these two methods in laparoscopic gynecologist doctor insert small camera in womb to check the position of baby and what type of risk include in cesarean delivery. Hysteroscopy is same as laparoscopy in this gynecologist doctor insert a tube camera in uterus to check the cervix in a uterus and examine after seeing the uterus condition then perform such delivery methods or operation methods.

Fibroid Medical and Laparoscopic Treatment

Fibroid Medical and Laparoscopic Treatment-Fibroids is a tumor build in uterus sometime it not show any symptoms but sometime it is so much painful and a woman suffer pain in her abdominal, lower abdominal, pelvic pain, and pain during the period it can be operate by doctor and in to see the uterus condition a doctor or gynecologist doctor use laparoscopic treatment.

Management of Endometriosis

Management of Endometriosis- Endometriosis is an type of tissue which build anywhere in the body but in woman normally it build in lower abdominal or in uterus and feeling pain in vagina, pain after intercourse, pelvic pain, pain during periods and gynecologist doctor treat endometriosis with laparoscopy and with medicine and surgery treatment. Endometriosis management to manage tissue or organ by gynecologist doctor and examine in routine basis so that a doctor reduce the risk factor of a woman.

Ovarian Cysts Medical and Operative Treatment

Ovarian Cysts- Medical and Operative Treatment- Ovarian cyst mean in ovary a fluid filled sac in it and sometime it has no symptoms and it cure automatically but sometimes it can be treat by only gynecologist doctor and a doctor give two type of treatment medical and operative in medical treatment gynecologist doctor examine woman with routine checkup and prescribe her medicine to remove fluid but when medicine does not work on it then they follow up operative techniques in this gynecologist doctor perform surgery on it and remove sac fluid from ovary.

Vaginal and Prolapse Surgeries

Vaginal and Prolepses Surgeries- Vaginal and prolepses surgery mean to cure the vaginal condition sometime vagina health become weak because of health condition like heavy periods, bleeding from vagina and intercourse in this front and back wall of vagina affected and to cure this situation prolepses surgery perform by gynecologist doctor prevent back the vaginal condition.

Hysterectomy ie removal of womb ( laparoscopic, abdominal, vaginal)

Hysterectomy i.e. removal of womb (laparoscopic, abdominal, vaginal) - Hysterectomy mean to remove womb such type of situation does not occur easily in woman but it may be performed under certain condition like cervical, or tumor in womb and damage womb then it remove from woman body so that it?s not affect the woman health condition moreover and to reduce the health risk.

PCOS Treatment

PCOS Treatment- Poly Citric Ovarian Syndrome a type of disease when woman normal menstruation cycle affected and irregular period occur during every month it happens because some medicine effect to vagina or increase male hormones in woman and a gynecologist doctor cure this through medicine and if it not cure and prevent by medicine then after laser treatment or operative surgery used for cure this or correct this disease.

Infertility Medical and Surgical Treatment

Infertility - Medical and Surgical Treatment- Infertility mean woman and man facing problem for getting child the main cause of infertility is hormones and past medical history and a gynecologist doctor treat infertility in two way medical and surgical treatment in medical treatment it can cure by some medication and physical exercise and in surgical treatment it cure from surgery to balance hormonal growth and other infected part of body.

Gynaecological Cancer Screening and Treatment

Gynecological Cancer Screening and Treatment-Gynecological cancer screening in which a gynecologist doctor screening vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer in early stage before it affecting health of a woman. Gynecologist doctor cure and prevent these cancer in early stage by using medication and sometimes a small surgery, each of cancer has some risk factor which may cause many other health risks of woman but cancer screening reduce the factor of these cancer and find out cancer and treating early time.


Colposcopy- Colposcopy is a type instrument use by gynecologist doctor for screening the cervical cancer and vaginal unhealthy condition to find out the main reason behind cervical and vaginal problem doctor used colposcopy.

Family Planning and Contraceptive Advice

Family Planning and Contraceptive Advice- A gynecologist doctor advice well for your family planning they screen and test your health condition and advice you which is the right time for plan a child and even sometimes when a woman health not fit and she is not ready mentally then doctor advice her and consult her about all body condition. In contraceptive advice gynecologist doctor implant intra uterine device like pill and depo provera injection and even advice to use condoms for reduce the barrier of sexual problems.

Prevetive Health Checkups

Prevetive Health Checkups- Preventive health checkup used for sustain the health and give routine checkup and health checkup for increasing the health of woman and give some medicine to improve the health. Preventive health checkup mainly done to prevent further disease.